In one of the many skyscrapers dominating the famous New York City skyline, ModernfoldStyles recently completed an installation of multiple products from our expansive collection, including Skyfold Zenith Premium 60, Modernfold Acousti-Clear, and ZONA Glass Wall Systems. Located in lower Manhattan on the 52nd floor, these luxurious offices boast spectacular views of iconic New York landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and many more.

To ensure this premium office space was optimized for productivity and versatility, ModernfoldStyles collaborated with the Huntsman Architectural Group and Structure Tone Inc. throughout this successful project.

Skyfold Zenith Premium, the leading product on the market for operable partitions. This top-of-the-line series exhibits the combined benefits of each Skyfold model, offering a superior acoustical performance of 60 STC, smooth vertical descent capabilities, various design options, and more.

This custom Zenith Premium partition was constructed with three rows in Carnegie Xorel Matte 6091-501, as well as its bottom row custom painted in green with pocket closure panels. The wall’s perimeter seal, available in black or white, was installed in black to match the rail finish painted in a coat of standard black RAL powder.

The bottom row of the Skyfold retractable wall was assembled with six LED lights per side, amounting to 12 in total. The warm white 2800 Kelvin bulbs offer dimming options and were installed in a round fixture surrounded by LED-style brushed stainless steel.

Skyfold can be controlled with a touchscreen for ease of use and lays flush with the ceiling, creating a seamless surface above when retracted.

This project was completed by our Skyfold Authorized Dealer ModernfoldStyles