One of the tallest skyscrapers in Canada, First Canadian Place is a high-rise commercial building in Toronto’s financial district that is not only a hub for shops and restaurants, it also provides office space for several large companies. It is where you will find the main reception area for Gowlings, an international law firm with several offices across Canada—and a 16th floor office with no less than seven Skyfold walls.

Back in 2005, four Classic 51 walls were installed at Gowlings when they first occupied the building. As their business grew, their need for more room grew as well. But instead of looking for additional floor space, Gowlings decided in 2020 to re-imagine and re-design the space they already had. Their choice was to again rely on Skyfold.

Gowlings added three Classic 51 walls to their existing floor plan, allowing them to remain in their original offices while creatively enhancing their flexibility on the size and quantity of their meeting rooms. Skyfold’s STC rating of 51 was instrumental to this as it ensured that multiple confidential meetings could be held side-by-side without disturbing each other.

Thanks to Skyfold walls, the space at Gowlings can now flexibly vary in size to accommodate any type of meeting. 

Opening all the walls, for example, creates a large, open space perfect for company events. And when the walls are deployed, thanks to the harmonious mix of fabric and marker board that has been used, there is added functionality to any of the smaller configurations. White seals have been seamlessly blended with chosen finishes for a clean, streamlined look, and the LED lights can be used when the walls are stored in the ceiling in their “up” position.

Gowlings also opted to refresh their four original Skyfold walls with brand new panels at the same time. The finishes on each of the seven Skyfold walls then matched, and the older walls were retro-fitted with the same LED lights as the newer walls.

Gowlings has always been a big supporter of Skyfold, and our walls are used in many of their Canadian offices, including Kitchener, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal.

We take great pride in the way our Skyfold walls have re-designed their facilities and enjoy showing them off to potential customers. Gowlings always provides an excellent reference. The quick deployment, sleek style, and saved floor space created by our state-of-the-art walls have kept Gowlings as a repeat customer—and we’re happy to say they are not the only ones!