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You have chosen a model, selected a finish…now what? The choices don’t stop there. Skyfold offers options that allow you to further integrate your wall into your designed space and add functionality.

Browse our options below to add that final cherry on top of your custom Skyfold wall solution. Add some additional light to a dark room. Make the seals white to give a light wall a seamless finish. If you want to get high-tech, upgrade to a sleek touchscreen operator. Add some color to your Mirage or Prisma wall framework to make it pop. Our sales team will help you to pick the options that are right for you.


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Skyfold walls (apart from the Zenith Premium and Prisma) come with our standard Keyswitch Operator. The key must be inserted and turned to the “up” or “down” position and both buttons need to be pressed for the wall to begin motion.

The Touchscreen Operator comes standard on the Zenith Premium and Prisma models and is available as an upgrade on all other models. A four-digit passcode needs to be entered on one of the touchpads and, like the Keyswitch, both touchpads need to be pressed for the wall to begin motion. The Touchscreen Operator can be programmed in multiple languages and has the capability to control and dim the LED lights on your Skyfold wall.

LED Lights


LED lights are available on all models except the Mirage. When the Skyfold wall is tucked away in the ceiling, the lights can be turned on and add extra light to a larger room. LED lights are on the floor panels only*, so that they are seen in the ceiling when the wall is in the up position. The LED lights are available in warm white or neutral white and have a choice of 2 bezel shapes. Round bezels come in polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, and white. Square bezels come in either matte chrome or mirror-polished chrome.

*The Zenith Premium can have lights on the floor panels as well as on the horizontal ceiling panels. Only one set of lights can be functional at a time (either the horizontal panel lights when the wall is in the down position OR the floor panel lights when the wall is stored in the ceiling)




Seals are an integral part of our Classic, Zenith, and Zenith Premium models and are visible when the wall is in the up or down position. They are available in black or white.

White Seals not available on the Zenith 48 model.

Framework (Mirage and Prisma)

The Mirage and Prisma come with standard framework in three colors: Light Gray (RAL-7035 Matte Finish), Jet Black (RAL-9005 Matte Finish) or NU Sparkle Silver (Tiger Dry Lac 449/91170) in Gloss Metallic. Should you wish to customize your Mirage or Prisma walls, we can color match any paint color for a truly unique wall (RAL color match preferred).

Mirage and Prisma walls cannot be painted on site.