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Skyfold Mirage®

The space division solution that doesn’t compromise on an open concept design plan

Mirage® incorporates Skyfold technology with the added luxury of transparency.  Clean lines, a lightweight structure, a wide range of glass and plexiglass panels, high-efficiency acoustic seams, and ease of maintenance make Mirage the perfect solution for bright, sophisticated and welcoming spaces.

In dark and isolated rooms without windows, Skyfold Mirage allows for hallways and windows to lend their light to otherwise isolated spaces.

But Skyfold Mirage isn’t just for obscure spaces. When sub-dividing a space, this glass partition, with an STC of 33 (RW 33) and finish options like frosted glass, creates rooms that still feel airy and connected, but that are private enough for meetings, collaboration, classes, autonomous work, and so on.


  • Retracts into the Ceiling to Conserve Floor Space
  • Acoustic Properities
  • No Floor Tracks
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy-to-Use Turn-Key or Keypad Operation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Flat, Rigid and Lightweight
  • Variety of Glass and Plexiglass Options to Meet Your Design Needs
  • Equipped with an Infrared Safety System
  • Made to Last

We offer a wide range of finish options and layouts to meet your specific design needs. This is what makes Skyfold’s movable walls a custom design piece within your space, and not just an acoustic room divider. The Skyfold Mirage glass panels can also be combined with solid panels to which fabric, vinyl, paint, plastic laminate and markerboard can be applied. Click the button below to browse pictures of our different glass installations. 


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Product Model Comparison

Acoustic Rating of System STC 33 (Rw 33)
Acoustic Rating of Panels STC 36 (Rw 36)
Max. Wall Height 24' (7315mm)
Max. Wall Length Unlimited
Weight 7.5 lbs/sq.ft. (36.6 kg/m2)
Ceiling Space Required for Storage (approx.*) 3'-2: to 4'-9" (965mm to 1450mm)
Ceiling Pocket Width (approx.*) 44" to 61" (1105mm to 1550mm)
Finish Options Standards: Light Gray (RAL-7035 Matte Finish), Jet Black (RAL-9005 Matte Finish). Can be custom painted to match any RAL color mode.
Floor Tracks N
Wall Tracks Y
Infrared Sensor Y
Obstruction Safety Sensor N
Auto-Reverse Y
Back-Up Operation Y
Acoustical Performance Warranty: 10-Year (or 5000-Cycle) Included
Parts & Labor Warranty: 2-Year (or 5000-Cycle) Included
LED Lighting N
Digital Touch Screen Operator Station Y
10-Year (or 5000-Cycle) Parts Warranty Y
*Each Skyfold wall has custom dimensions made to fit your space. All dimensions are subject to numerous variables. Consult your local Skyfold distributor for project-specific dimensions or restrictions.

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