As gateways to the world’s metropolitan cities, airports today are hubs of global exchange. With the constant change in air traffic demands as well as touristic and diplomatic requirements, architects and airport designers push the limits of flexible space design. Skyfold vertically folding  acoustic retractable walls integrate with your design for quick and easy space division with a simple turnkey operation, with no visible tracks on the walls or floors. 

Skyfold’s operable walls blend into any space thanks to the range of mixed finishes available. Strong and durable, they allow you to easily control how floor space is used with rapid, quiet operation. Skyfold walls can help to control the flow of  airport users and passengers and are safe, secure, quiet, and discreet. 

Some examples of Skyfold walls in airports include Washington National Airport, the John Wayne Airport, Oakland County Airport, New Doha International, and British Airways Terminal 7.