Skyfold, the world leader in acoustic fully automatic vertical retractable walls, has been the product of choice for convention center designers since 1995. Unsurpassed acoustics and turnkey operation makes Skyfold popular with architects and convention center operators alike, while on-trend design options give architects the freedom to create functional, flexible spaces that remain contemporary and inviting. Today’s conference centers are engineered to maximize the return on investment through enhanced space flexibility, energy efficiency, sustainability, and public access. Skyfold’s innovative design options allow for the creation of unique spaces that can adapt to a wide range of functions, incorporate sophisticated technologies, and provide access to a variety of amenities. 

CHANGING TECHNOLOGIES means that modern conference centers go beyond physical space and guest capacity. Conference center designers now must take into account varied technological and acoustic requirements. Skyfold offers models ranging from an STC of 51 to 60 (RW 51 to 59), and finish options from marking surfaces to fabric – the possibilities are endless.

ADAPTIVE RE-USE  makes new creative configurations possible within existing spaces. Skyfold’s minimal structural requirements offer an attractive retractable wall solution for older buildings with higher overall ceiling heights.

SUSTAINABILITY is now both a core value and economic necessity for nearly every organization, but energy efficiency is a particular challenge for conference centers. Skyfold walls deploy in minutes, even in the largest exhibition halls, to help meet HVAC requirements.

MORE FLOOR SPACE means a better return on investment – and no unsightly floor, wall or ceiling tracks.

BRANDING AND PRIVACY are critical to enabling conference center owners to make their facilities available to outside organizations.

CROWD CONTROL and way-finding made easy, with the quickest solutions for closing and opening public accesses and entrances.

SAVINGS ON STRUCTURAL STEEL  – the large spans in a convention or exhibition centers always raise concerns about the cost of steel and deflection; Skyfold offers an affordable and practical alternative.

Working with the best minds in architecture, Skyfold is proud to be associated with some of the most sophisticated and award winning convention centers around the globe.